2019 Multicultural Heritage Night

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Multicultural Heritage Night
February 8, 2019
6 PM to 8 PM
UH Gym

Volunteers Needed!!

Do you think it would be fun to learn what kind of games they love to play in Jamaica? Do you think it would be great if you and your family could learn a few words from your native language to share with others?  Wouldn’t it be great to try some true Polish Perogies? If you answered YES, to all of these questions Multicultural Heritage Night is for you and your family!

What is Multicultural Heritage Night?

It’s a night where the UH families gather to share cultures.  It’s simple you complete either the paper form (found in the Blue and Gold for January) or on-line at www.uhhsa.org/event/multicultural-heritage-night-2019/ you submit a least two choices of countries you would like to represent and answer all the questions on the forms. Erin Keough Ciaicak as coordinator gets back to you with the country that you will represent from your choices and you create a trifold presentation on this country. This year’s theme is food, we are encouraging all participants to bring a food item big enough to sample for those who attend.  That might sound daunting, but it really isn’t. We will provide you with the trifold and some reimbursement for your food costs. We are also encouraging participants to create a game or research a few words that are ethnic to that area. For example, in Ireland it’s all about the Craic (crack), which means fun!

What do people do on Multicultural Heritage Night?

The doors open and UH family and staff visit.  This event is usually well attended by staff and was often endorsed and attended by Mrs. Evans who will be sadly missed this year.  Our visitors tour each table learning about each culture, trying games, and sampling food. It really is a great time and a wonderful time to get acquainted with our UH community.  

Why do I participate in Multicultural Night and why did I offer to chair this event this year?

There are so many reasons why.  I am nearly entirely Scots/Irish in ethnic heritage.  I married someone who is Polish/Ukrainian. From the time of my first son’s birth I have made it a priority for our children to not only know our individual family cultures and traditions but the traditions of others as well.  I was fortunate to be raised by a family that really embraced the idea that the United States was a melting pot. My Grandmother lived with us, and while she was an Irish lady through and through, she was born in Hell’s Kitchen New York (the melting pot of the Nation).  Despite being a true Irish lady, I grew up learning how to make “real” Hungarian Goulash from a recipe learned from the “lady down the street”, delicious Jewish Apple Cake learned from the “lady down the street”, jump rope games played by the “girls down the street’. I used to soak up every minute of time she spent with me teaching me the cultures of others.  I feel that these lessons helped me as I grew up to appreciate and value each person from each separate nation brings to our Country.

I have done Multicultural Heritage Night for 4 years now, every year I have done a different culture. I include my boys in the design and development of each of our trifold boards as well as the food, and game we decide to offer to the UH community that year.  When I attend the event, I also get something new each year. I have made good friends at this event, learned new things, and obtained great recipes. It is really a priceless occasion and one that I am proud to Chair this year.

Please strongly consider sponsoring a country for this event and encourage everyone you know to do so. Everyone in our community is invited to attend. I promise you this Event will not disappoint. I have noted that each year I see another person in my neighborhood, a staff member, or a friend will attend and say, “this night is great, I am so sorry I never attended in the past”.  Don’t let 2019 pass you by, please consider representing a culture, or at a minimum attending this fun night with your family.

Hope to see you there!

Erin Keough Ciaciak (ekeough209@gmail.com)