Volunteers Still Needed for 2016 – 2017 School Year!!!


Volunteers Still Needed!!!

Please consider volunteering for the below positions for the upcoming 2016/2017 school year.  Your help would be greatly appreciated!  It’s imperative that these positions get filled before the end of the school year.  Please contact me with any questions janel.webb@yahoo.com or to volunteer.


Thank you in advance for your consideration.




Responsibilities include:

Working with online software company to ready the system for input from UH families-done in August before school starts.

Overseeing input process and answering any questions or problems that families have while using the system-all done via email in September.

Grant access to families once deadline for entering information is reached-late September.

Monitor PayPal account and request payment to the UH home and school once the directory is published.

Most of the work is done by the end of September-after that all that needs done is monitoring the email for any questions/concerns.





B&N Night is primarily a fundraiser, with UH receiving a portion of sales on that night (typically in Nov, so right around holiday shopping season). The evening’s activities can vary, by the usual highlights are storytime with Mr. Giering, readings from UH teachers, and registration table to determine what class has the highest percentage of attendance. Other activities over the years have included guesstimation jar, drawing contest, art show (coordinated through Mrs. Krygiel-Evans), name the cupcake/drink/etc, and decorate your own bookmark. In recent years, we’ve made it a pajama party-theme, so we encourage kids to wear their PJs to B&N that night.


Responsibilities of B&N Chair(s):

Coordinate with B&N staff to coordinate activities that night and voucher

Coordinate with various UH staff to arrange events (Mrs. Krygiel-Evans for art, teachers for readings, Giering for storytime)

Produce any supporting flyers (i.e. bookmarks, guessing jar slips, etc) and submit info to B&G for publication

Coordinate with parents re volunteers for that night




Coordinate the food trucks and coffee and donuts to be at the school during the event.