UH Variety Show 2016



If you are interested in presenting a special talent in this year’s Variety Show, please fill out the attached permission slip and return it to the Variety Show box in the office no later than January 6th. We will limit the number of times a song is repeated, so please get your form in as soon as possible to “reserve” your song.  If your information changes (participants, etc.) after you have turned in the slip, email UHVarietyshow@gmail.com.

 You can sing, dance, act, cheer, play an instrument solo or in a band, demonstrate gymnastics, karate or another skill, perform magic tricks or comedy, or entertain us in another way!  Fifth graders can also try out to be an MC (host) of the show and participate in the fifth grade finale.

Please see VS Guidelines and Permission Slip for a complete set of guidelines as well as your permission slip!