Shoe Recycling at UH through March 27



Please bring your gently used shoes in to the school until March 27th. There is a box in the lobby entrance.

To learn more about this program contact Rebecca Hirt at <>

  • Shoes Accepted:  All paired men’s, women’s and kids shoes that are still usable. That means no holes in the soles and no wet or mildewed pairs. This includes athletic shoes, dress shoes, timberland type work boots, sandals, heels, flats
  • Shoes Not Accepted:  Heavy Winter Boots, Skates, Blades, Flip-Flops, Slippers, Singles, Unusable

Have you found your Sole Mate?

  • The best part of our shoe recycling program is the opportunity for you and your fellow recyclers to find their SoleMate
  • With a simple note in the shoe, you can trace the path your shoes take to meet their new feet
  • Our shoes are for reuse all around the globe, putting landfills on diets and teaching all that worn does not mean worn out
  • What are the chances that your SoleMate is out there? Recycle to find out

Shoes will be accepted until March 27th.  Thank you in advance.